Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gateway to GOLD!!!

 We decided to head out of Denver for some interesting sights. We had lunch at Tommy Knocker's and it was really good!!
 The town of Idaho Springs is so cute.
 I think it is a biker destination!!
 I loved this Red Brick Senior Building!!!
 walking around town we spotted this awesome waterfall!!!

 We could have gone white water rafting.....but decided after our white water rafting trip last summer, we would stay on dry land!!!Chuck NOR I want to have an OUT of BOAT experience!!!
 So we toured the ARGO GOLD MINE

 I did not go in that tunnel...maybe 50 feet or so....

 ALOT of GOLD was brought out of that mine

 Blackhawk, Co is a very cute town. Today it is filled with casinos and Shops!!
 So Patriotic!!

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