Thursday, July 18, 2013

Off to Denver, Color------A---Do!!!!

 these large Murals are in the main terminal of the Denver International Airport......ALOT of conspiracy theories exist about the Denver airport....if interested in any of them, just google Denver Airport Conspiracy theories.......
 I was quite disturbed by them personally....most travelers don't even notice them I bet, and just walk right by...

 From the Airport we headed downtown and to the Brown Palace hotel for lunch.
 then we just walked around and took advantage of the free shuttle service.
 We popped into The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Saturday evening Mass was just beginning so we sat and listened for a while.

 It is Beautiful.....
 it was just a short walk to the House/museum of Molly Brown, the Unsinkable Titanic Molly Brown.

 the House is quite amazing and Molly's travels brought her many souvenir's from alot of wonderful places.

 The View from Capital hill....yes Denver's Capital Building is up on a slight hill!!!
 Denver is Colorado's state Capital. The Gold Dome on top is under construction, they are replacing the gold with Gold only found in Colorado.

 The Denver Mint is closed on Saturdays, oh well we have seen coins minted in Philadelphia.
 We stopped for some drinks right by Coors field.
 And our Hotel was right by Mile High Stadium!!!

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