Monday, August 19, 2013

Meeting the teacher and First day-week of Kindergarten!!!

 Our daughter and son-in-law chose a Traditional/Charter school over a regular public school. This school has a strong emphasis in Patriotism along with high expectations to excel in all areas. The students are performing one grade ahead of their designated grade.
 Miss C was So anxious to get inside and see her BIG Classroom and meet her teacher.

 walking hand in hand with Mommy.
 She found her desk quickly, there is 31 students with two teachers.

 She fits perfectly.
 Her teacher is so wonderful and came with lots of enthusiastic recommendations.

 First day of school she had a gift for her teacher and was eager to face the challenge!!!
 Dresses must touch the knee, sleeves required, Socks, and buckled or tie shoes, or you can choose to wear a uniform.
 Being sent off with lots of love and support.Grand-dude had a meeting to attend, so he missed.But He took her on day two!!
 I remained strong as not to cry in front of her, she is so excited and showed no sign of fear at all.

 Teacher said "Are we ready to start school, thumbs up for yes".....she is ready!!!
 Waving bye to Mommy...who was busy I think chatting with friends!! AND ONE last KISS good-bye!!
 Grand-Dude and I took Miss C to school on Day 2, it was fun but also brought back so many fond memories of us taking our kids to school. Grand-dude thinks they Grow up way to fast....yes they do....



Your Little ones are soo adorable on their first day of school! Miss C is a beauty and I'm so happy she got a nice tea her and classroom; at that age they love the first day of class. Thanks for sharing and for dropping by, it was so nice to see you lovely lady.
Big hugs,

Rettabug said...

Holy Moly....your Ms. C. is in school already? How did she get so big, so fast??!! I blinked!

What a little doll she is, too. I really like the dress code at this school. Kudos to them!!

Our local fair had to put up a notice that bathing suit tops & short-shorts (with cowboy boots, no less) were not acceptable attire. These girls nowadays look like little hookers!

I saw a gal go up for Holy Communion in a skin-tight, scooped neck t-shirt that was so low cut that her SUNTAN lines were VERY obvious!! 2" of pale white boobies showing. Who wears clothing skimpier than their bathing suit tops to church??? Don't even get me started on the shorts & flip-flops.

I loved seeing your new looks great at that longer length. I'm sure you were holding back the tears as Ms. C. walked off. mine go back tomorrow.


It's me said...

Oww so sweet Mimi !!...lovely day...x !

Deanna said...

Lil ones grow up so quickly the older I get.
Your darlin' granddaughter already in school. May it be a terrific year.