Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mission Beach with the family!!

 Finally.....STACIE has arrived!!!!  her plane arrived 4 hours late the night before....and we were NOT happy about that.But it's a new day and we are going to have fun!!!
 First stop The Mission for breakfast.....the wait wasn't as bad as it was over the week of 4th of July.
 Always working on her dance moves!!
 BEACH time!!!
 The new Life guard....
 Welcome to the Beach!!!!These kids LOVE the beach!!!So Do I!!!!!Still working on how I can move here!!!
 Jumping for joy excited!!!
 Those waves can't catch me!!

 She is Not afraid to face those waves.....I am!!!!

 this face makes me SMILE!!!!
These girls make me happy, Happy, HAPPY!!!
 So glad Daddy could make it this time..... the company he works for opened two new stores over the 4th of July week, so he had to stay home to help open these new locales.

 Love this face!!!!
 Aunt Stacie is so happy to be with her niece and nephew again!!!

 I wish everyone could be this carefree and have no worries at all......just LOVING LIFE!!!

 I think we need a beach house......NOW!!!!

We love our beach time......til next Year!!!

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