Sunday, August 4, 2013

bring on the Lowe's Coronado Bay Resort!!

 part of the long week-end fun was our Discount tire family.....the Company my Husband works for brought us over to San Diego,  paying for two nights at a fabulous resort....we added a night before and a night at the end to make it a long week-end of fun!!!! Some of these ladies....and their fabulous husbands have been our friends for over thirty years!!!My Hubby has been with Discount Tire Company for thirty three years!!!!

 do I spot a photo bomber........
 I still see a hand!!!
 I think we do this same pose every year......same hubby!!!It is Now a tradition!!!

 Welcome back Mark and Barb!!!!So happy to hang out with you guys!!!!

 The LOWE'S Coronado Bay Resort---fabulous!!!!


After our two hour Happy Hour reception.....we were able to go to dinner....anywhere we want...                                                                  
 Our family chose The Little Italy section of town tonight!!!I loved this little reminds me of the movie UP.......the owner refusing to Sell his home to have it torn down to build a Large Commercial building or hotel or Condo there it sets.....waiting for the BIG balloon bouquet to carry it away!!!!
 I love all the mosaics around this area.....

 Back at the hotel....that unique feature hanging from the ceiling creates a Sundial on the floor!!!

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