Sunday, August 4, 2013

Boating was the best idea ever!!!!

 This lovely Birdcage in the hall off the Lobby was a big hit with the grands.....well all of us actually!!
 Notice the baby finch waiting to be fed????
 all fed now....

 I loved the two little doors!!!

 breakfast with a view of the Marina!!!
                                                                             after eating breakfast we were trying to decide what we wanted to do....the marine layer hid the sun, so we were thinking another beach day might not be that we checked out what the resort had to offer, BOAT RENTALS!!!!!!
 Waiting for our boat to be ready for us.....

 Daddy and his Son in Matching bathing suits!!!

 We are off for our "3 hour tour" not a tour....Will shall be our Captain!!!
 Ready for fun!!!
 in the No wake zone......
 I loved this Boat best....because of it's name....yep...right here, right now!!!
 ready to go fast????YES we are!!!
 she loves it!!!  and I love my hubby's shirt he got for Father's day from his grand-kids....Yes....He is THAT DUDE!!!!

 where to mateys???

 A sail boat race was going on.....So cool to fly by Navy Ships!!
 Heading for the Coronado bridge....and beyond!!!
 Loved seeing the Red Cross Ship

 it was so fun....

 heading towards Point Loma we spotted seals!!!
 After about 45 minutes or So the Sun did finally Come out!!!the day was glorious!!!!

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Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

My hubby loves boating so much! That is his dream, to have a really nice boat. He grew up boating on all the big lakes around here.
Your pics are so fun Jamie!
My daughter would think you are the coolest with your Roxy t-shirt!!
Love the pure joy on Miss C's little face!