Sunday, October 20, 2013

Birthday week-end in a Cabin in the woods!!!

 Off to a weekend in the woods!!!First stop is Rock Springs cafe for lunch and some of that famous pie!!!

 and a fun horse ride!!!
 She found the house key in the mail box and determined that she is The winner and the new head of household!!!She watches BIG BROTHER with her Momma and Mimi!!!

 We could Not wait to get unpacked and then we were OFF for a fun ride through the National Forest.

 The wild flowers were Stunning!!!
 MY view on the was so nice and cool up here!!

 Loved seeing the sun shining through the dust...
 Uncle Cj and Aunt Jesse arrived!!!!
 time for games!!!!
 Breakfast and then off to ride!!!We are going all the way to Mormon Lake.

 Oh no.....hope we make it before the rain.....
 Nope.....under the trees we headed!!!

 that was a nice little monsoon down pour!!!
 Hope we make it before that rain......
 yeah we made it.....
 Now for our horse ride

 walking little brother over to meet his horse....

 he is not old enough for the hour long trail ride, so he went on a short 15 minute ride!!!

 he loved it!!!
 hi Mimi!!!

 I do not know what he was telling this guide!!!

 saying thank you!!!
 Mormon Village is an Amazing town!!!

 ready for our ride....



 stopping to see the wild flowers!!
 then it started POURING again.....and I mean POURING!!!!!
 we tried waiting it out......we would have been waiting til the next rained all night and all morning.....

 it was SO COLD and SO was almost painful, the water hitting you in the face.....we all ran in to jump in the HOT SHOWERS!!!BUT guess what Grand Dude said????? HE said that it was one of the most fun days ever!!!!!
 He said this was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!!
 we grilled steaks, made baked potato's, corn on the cob, salad, and we MADE a Home Made CAKE....high altitude and all!!!!!

 then we sat out on the back porch and let Miss C tell some ghost stories!!!!!What a fun weekend we all had!!!

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