Friday, January 31, 2014

ICE----the frozen exhibit at the ORLANDO PALMS GAYLORD HOTEL

 with the New Movie Frozen just coming out....we HAD to experience the ICE is a Large tent that is filled with ICE Sculptors and ICE slides. It is 9 degrees about took my breath away!!!I am shocked we lasted 45 minutes inside!!!!good thing they give you parka's!!!!My Camera hand was numb for an Hour after we came out!!!Grand Dude had to sit this one out due to his broken right ankle.
 we are bundled up and ready!!!
 going through the igloo to get inside!!!
 look you can see my Breath!!!

 we each did the slide twice!!!

 I was going to KISS it....but changed my mind!!!

 watching the craft man make another ice sculptor!!
 The Huge Nativity Scene was my favorite part.

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