Saturday, February 1, 2014

Magic Kingdom at festive and fun

 we are ready for New Memories!!!
 Notice grand dude wearing a right boot????He broke his right ankle three weeks before we left....

 Grand dude was a trooper....he had a broken right ankle....but came along with his boot.....

 So happy Anja was able to join us today!!!!!

 this park is amazing in the day.....but AT NIGHT., is Spectacular!!!!

 SNOW!!!!!!!Well fake snow

 getting an ice cream on this warm december night while watching the snow fall!!!

 Kids dancing in the streets...

 Here comes the Mickey's Christmas Party Parade!!!!So glad we stayed for this!!!!

 The Little Sweet Princess Went NUTS over this!!!

 time to meet Santa!!

 AND a first.....a TALKING MICKEY MOUSE!!!!!!
 You can Fly......
 Time for Fireworks!!!!!

We loved it!!!!!

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